Arnason Faktor Privacy Policy

Arnason Faktor ehf., reg. 480199-2789, has adopted a privacy policy, with the aim of securing right and lawful processing of such information. 

This privacy policy applies to personal data relating to individuals who are in business with Arnason Faktor, individuals who connect with the company, contacts representing legal entities in business with the company, as well as other contacts.

This privacy policy is intended to inform about which personal data the company collects, how the company uses such personal data, and who gets access to said data.

Arnason Faktor strives to fulfil the privacy legislation and this privacy policy is based on the current Privacy Act, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016), as it is intended and/or has been implemented into Icelandic laws. 

Arnason Faktor collects limited personal data about its customers. The following are examples of data which Arnason Faktor processes relating to individuals in business and representing entities doing business with the company:
  • contact information, such as name, address or place of stay (if different), phone number, and email address;
  • identification number;
  • information contained within communications;
  • bank account information, including information on VAT number, and special requests relating to billing;
  • communications history.

In addition to the above data, Arnason Faktor may also collect and process other data with which customers or representatives/contacts of customers provide the company themselves, as well as data that the company processes for its activities, including its main activity, being legal services. The data are processed primarily in order to be able to fulfil formal and informal service agreements with the company's customers, and to perform any other duties resulting from our services to customers. Processing also occurs on the basis of our legitimate interests of ensuring that the company's customers receive accurate and good services. Furthermore, data may be processed based on a legal obligation and independent of the services that the company has undertaken to provide to its customers, e.g. regarding rules on money laundering, or accounting laws.

We solely collect and store personal information relating to those who are in business relations with Arnason Faktor, because they are customers, service providers, and/or connected to the business operations of Arnason Faktor. 

For these reasons, we base our processing of personal information exclusively on the basis of our business relations. In the same manner, our limited exchange of such information is based on such business relations, legal requirements regarding the distribution of such information, and in accordance with the legal provisions of the privacy laws and data protection directive of the European Union (GDPR).

Our customers’ personal data are not shared to third parties, unless such sharing is based on business relations and laws to the purposes indicated above. As examples of such instances are information related to applications for IP rights (such as patents, trademarks, designs and domain names). 

Arnason Faktor seeks to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data, such as controlling access to the company's systems.

We will store the personal data of our customers for the remainder of our business relations and onwards, in accordance with the legal requirements imposed upon our operation. 

All our customers and/or those individuals connected to the company through said customers can at any time contact us  to obtain information about the registration, storage, and processing of their privacy data information. They can have them changed, or deleted, as long as other legal requirements do not prohibit such deletion. To utilise such a right, please contact us through our main e-mail address, 

We have appointed a supervisor to monitor compliance with this privacy policy; below you can find the supervisor's contact information:

Gunnar Örn Harðarson,, tel: 5400200

The company's contact information:
Árnason Faktor
Guðríðarstíg 2-4
113 Reykjavik 

Arnason Faktor web page may include links to other web pages. We do inspect all such web pages, but we cannot be responsible for their content. No information is collected on or from the use of our web page. We do not use any web measuring tools.

Arnason Faktor reserves the right to change this privacy policy in accordance with changes to the applicable laws and/or regulations, or as a result of changes in the way the company processes personal data.

Any changes that may be made to this policy will take effect after an updated version has been published on the company's website. 

This privacy policy was adopted on December 6, 2018.