About us

Arnason Faktor was founded in 2006 when two leading Intellectual Property consulting firms in Iceland, A&P Árnason and Faktor Patentbureau, merged. Faktor Patenbureau was founded in 1969 and was extensively engaged in the protection of Intellectual Property rights in Iceland. A&P Árnason traces its roots back to 1985 and has been a pioneer in the promotion of Intellectual Property protection in the Icelandic industry and business community. Arnason Faktor takes pride in the history of our predecessors, and we strive to build upon their legacy of quality and excellence at the same time as we continue to evolve to meet the future needs of our clients.


We offer our clients extensive services in the field of intellectual property, i.e. patent filings, registrations and validations, trademark registrations, trademark searches, and design and domain registrations.


Our aim is to offer a high-quality Intellectual Property Right (IPR) consulting service, including an IPR-based business development consultancy. Our success is thanks to targeted recruitment, development of qualifications, the highly efficient team work of our employees, and their active participation in the development of the company.


Our professionals are specialised within the legal, scientific and technical disciplines that are traditionally associated with IPR consulting services.