EP Validations in Iceland


Only Claims Need to be Translated Into Icelandic

When filing national patent applications only the claims need to be translated to English. The description may be in English or if the description is in another language in the original patent application, it is sufficient to provide an English translation.

The same translation requirements apply to European patents validated in Iceland. Only the claims must be translated to Icelandic; if the patent is in French or German, an English translation of the description and any text in figures should be filed.


Please note that the filing process is fully electronic and we prefer to have all communications electronic only.


National requirements

Within 4 months from the date of mention of the grant of the European Patent the following must be submitted:

  1. Translation of claims into Icelandic 

  2. Translation of other parts (description and text in figures) into either Icelandic or English if the description is in French or German 

  3. Name and address of the patent proprietor 

  4. European Patent number 

  5. Payment of the prescribed fees



Please be advised that the Icelandic Patent Office does not request the filing of Powers of Attorney by applicants represented by Arnason Faktor. Therefore no legal forms are required for validations of European patents. 

Cost of validation

Please contact us for a quote on a European Patent validation and a representative of our firm will get back to you shortly.



Patent Prosecution & Litigation

Our professional team has over 15 years of prosecution and litigation experience, including EP prosecution, oppositions and appeals. Through this diverse team of patent professionals, we provide comprehensive services that include drafting, filing and worldwide prosecution of patent applications and national litigation in Iceland. We further offer patent searches, evaluations, monitoring of competing IP rights, freedom to operate and infringement analyses, and validity opinions. Our experts are fully qualified to help clients obtain patents for new inventions within various different fields. 


Life Sciences & Chemistry
The presence of an in-house team of expert scientific and legal consultants enables us to offer a full range of IP-related services in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, and other areas of life sciences and chemistry. 


Technology & Software
Working with a highly educated team of consultants with extensive experience in the field, we offer our clients a complete range of IP-related services as applied to products and ideas relating to technology and software, specialising in all areas of electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as software development, electronics and industrial design.



We operate an active program of educational and advisory services for Icelandic companies competing both in national and international markets.





Patent Team


Corporate Support
Even before a logo has left the designer's drawing board, we provide a comprehensive range of expert services in the fields of trademarks, branding, and corporate identity. All services are specifically tailored to suit each client's geographic location, legal requirements, area of activity and target markets.


Trademark Search, Registration and Filing of Applications 
Our services include extensive trademark searches, analysis, and input regarding trademark selection.  We also assist our clients in filing trademark applications and with licensing, as well as providing advice on the protection of existing trademarks.


EUTM work
We can assist clients with filing EUTM applications and can act before the EUIPO and file applications.


Trademark Watch 
We offer an on-going protection trademark watch service, designed to monitor and preserve the integrity of a corporate logo or brand identity from possible infringement, whatever the source.


Our domain services include registration of .is domains as well as other national and international top level domains. We furthermore assist our clients with proceedings against domain squatters, dispute resolutions, and mediation.


We operate an active programme of educational and advisory services for Icelandic companies competing both in national and international markets.

Our professionals are happy to assist you and your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



Trademark team


Design registrations protect the appearance of a product, either in part or as a whole. We provide assistance on assessing the design, its features and possibilities of protection. Our consultation includes advice on the scope of protection that is desireable for a particular product and the rights acquired by registration.


Our professionals are happy to assist you and your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Form and


The Design Team


Domains are some of the most valuable intellectual property assets that companies own, and are increasingly important for brand awareness and image. As online commerce and marketing is becoming ever more important in all fields of business, companies' online profiles and brand goodwill must be safeguarded from cybersquatters and other risk factors on the internet. Many companies choose to constantly monitor the web and make sure that their brand name is not being exploited.


We offer a wide scope of services related to domains and internet presence and can assist with domain name registration in any country in the world and also with acquiring domain names that are already reserved. We furthermore offer services where companies can find information about all of their domain names. All changes, such as changing hosts or updating technical matters, can be made in one place. All renewals are automated, which results in fewer instances where domain names are lost by mistake.


We furthermore offer assistance with creating a comprehensive domain registration strategy, as well as monitoring trademarks online. An online trademark watch is a tool for brand owners to understand how their marks are being used online and by whom. Brand owners can thus respond quickly and efficiently to the growing problem of abuse and fraud online.


By employing creative, flexible and lateral thinking, we can come up with the best solution for you and your company.

IP Law

Our team of specialists on IP law gives advice on disputes relating to intellectual property rights and copyright by negotiating agreements and assist in dispute resolution. We have experience in litigating enforcements of patent and trademark rights as well as revocation actions before the Icelandic PTO and the Icelandic district court. We also give advice and assist with filing and prosecution of Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC) and matters relating thereto. 






We advise start-ups when taking their first steps. The services we offer are tailored to the needs of each client, including branding strategy and name creation, company registration, as well as consultation and needs analysis in relation to intellectual property protection.


Among the first steps for new businesses may be applying for trademark protection, patent protection and/or design registration. It is important for start-ups to think carefully about the decision of their name and the protection of trademarks. Our specialists advise on trademark selection and their registration in Iceland or abroad. Our specialists also provide advice on the protection of technical innovations, including searches and evaluating patentability of inventions, as well as drafting and prosecuting patent applications in Iceland and abroad. Furthermore, our specialists provide advice on the protection of the appearance of a product through design registration.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.